Ethylene vinyl acetate, also known as EVA is the copolymer of ethylene and

vinyl acetate producted under the high pressure of 2,500 atm.

The one of the characteristics of EVA is its’ affinity with another polymers.

Polymers can be divided into two groups, namely non-polarity copolymer

that is composed of carbon and
hydrogen such as LDPE,LLDPE, HDPE,PP and polarity copolymer including

oxygen except of carbon and hydrogen such as nylon and polyester etc.

In general, polarity can be mixed with polarity, and in the same way

non-polarity non-polarity, but polymer E.V.A can be mixed with nother kinds of polymer and can be harmony with
various kinds of chemical additives.

E.V.A polymer also is a compound of Ethylene and VA in the space. the feature is decided according to molecular structure, VA content,

and polymerism etc. And the bigger molecular
structure is, the more elevated the charactristic of Stress-cracking and shock absorption is. On the other hand, characteristics of polymer

such as plasticity formation, luster etc. can
be reduced. By the way the smaller VA content is, more similar with PE it is, and also the content increases easily, So EVA can be easily

mixed with another polymer that has different
density, rubber elasticity, and flexibility. As a result, things that contain 7~60% of VA content can be called EVA polymer, under 7 % PE,

and those over 60% can not be called as plastics and excluded from EVA.